Harness the Power of Peer Engagement

Improve enrollment, equity, and the learning experience
when your students engage with each other in Nearpeer.

SPARK Peer-to-Peer Engagement

Our student platform is a catalyst for meaningful connections and a sense of belonging throughout the student journey.
Students connect, engage, and build relationships with other students in Nearpeer, which measurably improves enrollment and persistence.


Leverage advanced, multi-dimensional matching algorithms to help your students find other students "like them"


Create accessible, inclusive spaces for more authentic peer-to-peer dialogues and intentional friendships

Nearpeer app on mobile devices


Build student confidence in social fit and sense of belonging to improve enrollment yield and reduce melt


Enhance the orientation and first-year experience by helping all students, including introverts, connect with their peers

Available on Google Play and in the Apple App Store.

Students Want to Know:

Will I fit in? Do I belong?
Will I be happy?

When making their decision to enroll, incoming students say their top priority is fitting in with their peers.
We help our partner colleges and universities address this challenge directly, and as a result, they report measurably improved enrollment and persistence.

What Success Looks Like

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