Student Success

A more connected, inclusive experience improves college students engagement and success throughout their learning journey.

Peer Engagement

Nearpeer for Holistic College Student Support

If students feel included and connected every step of the way, their experience is improved and they are more likely to succeed.

Nearpeer helps you make sure your students know that they belong.

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Why does belonging matter?

It's a different approach to improving student success, wellness, and equity.

1 pp
higher first-year
persistence with Nearpeer
+ 1 %
voluntary student adoption
1 %
lift in male student enrollment
with Nearpeer

What Is Nearpeer's Impact?

This report explores emerging peer engagement strategies at a selection of leading colleges and universities. It looks closely at each program's impact on enrollment, equity, and student success. You'll get statistically significant data analysis and perspectives from the field—and there's no demo required.

Use Cases

Opportunities Across The Student Lifecycle

Augment Orientation

Ensure their orientation and new student experience by giving them a platform to ask questions, make new friends, and develop a sense of community.

Improve FYE

Build a peer-powered network to help new students find their footing during their first year experience—because when they know they belong, they  persist.

Engage Current Students

Remind them that they belong by encouraging on-going connection to peers, mentors, and staff so that they know they’re more than just a number.

Ready To Learn More?

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