We Power Meaningful Peer Connections Across the Student Journey.

From application to graduation, we know students want to learn. But, we also know that they need to belong. 

Our platform helps higher ed leaders deliver on that promise. As a result more students commit to college, enroll in classes, and persist from term to term. 

Industry Partnerships

Built to Catalyze Connection and Belonging for All Students

Our multi-dimensional matching algorithms spark 1:1 peer relationships based on what students have in common: shared interests, academics, life experience, and more. 

Our Team

As technologists, educators, and builders, we’ve worked to tackle challenges like these before. 

We believe in the transformative power and promise of higher education, but we also know that students have needs that extend beyond the (virtual or in-person) classroom. When students are more engaged with peers like them, they are more committed to enroll and succeed. 

That’s why we built Nearpeer. And, it’s why we work hand-in-hand to help you and your students succeed.

PS – We’re hiring. Shoot us a note if you’d like to join us.