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Parent & Family Engagement

Never before has it been so effective and easy to achieve high family engagement and community

Parent Engagement

Nearpeer for Families

Improve enrollment, communication, and student success—while reducing parent anxiety, confusion, and calls.

Increase positive engagement and community interaction

Harness parents as your advocates and supporters

Decrease family anxiety and meet real family need

Reach more parents in-app, beyond the limits of email alone

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Parents and families are using Nearpeer—a lot.

Avg Hours Spent
Using Nearpeer
1 %
students with one
family member Using Nearpeer
+ 1
New Family-to-Family
Connections Made

Connection matters.

When parents and families build community with each other,
you create a year-round support system for students and reduce your workload.

Explore how Nearpeer for Families Helps

Reducing Anxiety

Give them access to an exclusive community where they can get information from you and other parents or family members

Improve sense of fit

Help them connect with other people like them--or near them so that they know that their student belongs and that they belong in your extended college community

Help them connect

Add to their orientation and incoming parent + family experience by giving them a platform to ask questions, make new friends, and develop a sense of community

Smoothing Family Transitions

Make their experience with your institution a little easier by reminding them that they belong and sharing information on deadlines or campus resources

Find resources

Share information about campus services and staff so that they know where their students should turn if/when they need it

Learn from others

Build an exclusive, peer-powered network so that they can help others find their footing and build confidence

Reducing Your Workload

Benefit from fewer emails, meetings, phone calls, and rogue social media pages because they’re connected

Improve communication

Remember that emails get left unopened and typically contain a wealth of knowledge, but what parents and families retain with that communication is often minimal

Amplify status updates

Reach more parents and families at once by sharing a more casual note or update so that they know you’re there and that you hear them

Humanizing Your Staff

Help parents and families feel more comfortable–and receptive by sharing a little bit about your background and why you’re focused on student success

Shift from reactive communication

Create different opportunities to connect with parents and families so that your team isn’t just responding to a crisis or asking for donations

Improve understanding

Deliver just-in-time information via direct message, group chats, or in-app notifications so that they retain and act on your outreach

Building Their Confidence

Improve their sense of belonging within your college community so that they can build their student’s confidence when students need it most

Increase student success

Share information about deadlines, scholarships, resources, and more so that parents and families can help nudge their students, too

Make connection easier

Facilitate their connection to peers, staff, and resources so that they stay engaged and so that they know who to turn to for support