Higher Education Marketing:
Leverage Digital Technologies To Connect with your Students.

Enrollment Management

An improved sense of belonging and meaningful new connections bolsters student commitment and enrollment

Peer Engagement

Nearpeer for Strategic Enrollment Management

Our platform improves yield, selectivity, and melt because more students enroll and persist when they believe that they belong.

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Why connect students?

It improves yield and reduces melt—significantly.

(...and it's the right thing to do.)

1 %
of students
who use Nearpeer enroll
1 pp
lower melt rate
with use of Nearpeer
1 X
more likely
to enroll

Use Cases

How We Help Your Team

Personalize Recruitment

Deliver a more personalized  recruitment experience when you leverage unique insights, tailor outreach and marketing, and showcase your community.

Improve Yield

Improve yield by creating space for prospective students to find social fit among their peers, meet their future community, and preview your student experience.

Reduce Melt

Reduce melt by showing incoming students that they belong at your institution, giving them information on resources, and reducing those summer jitters.

What Is Nearpeer's Impact?

This report explores emerging peer engagement strategies at a selection of leading colleges and universities. It looks closely at each program's impact on enrollment, equity, and student success. You'll get statistically significant data analysis and perspectives from the field—and there's no demo required.

Who We Serve

Your institution relies on—and seeks to better serve—many different types of students, who each have unique needs before classes begin.

Here’s a snapshot of how we help you recruit and enroll those students.

Show underserved and underrepresented students that they can be successful on your campus and you’ll unlock an outsized impact on enrollment equity

Pull back the curtain on what makes your institution so special

Add to their orientation and incoming student experience by giving them a platform to ask questions, make new friends, find roommates, and develop a sense of community

Make their transition to your institution easier by reminding them that there are other transfer students and resources to help them along the way

Help high school students navigate your institution with confidence so that they succeed

Connect the growing number of online students so that they can learn from—and with— each other, despite the distance

Ready For A Demo?

If you’re ready to see Nearpeer in action or talk to us, we’d love to meet with you and your team.