Now, student leaders can ensure every student feels a part of their college community

“Yes, 100%, I definitely believe Nearpeer is helping with our student government’s mission.”

– Shayan Moshtael, President, Associated Students, California State University, Northridge (CSUN)

Watch how CSUN SGA leaders use Nearpeer to build community & inclusion

Watch CSUN Associated Students President Shayan Moshtael and Vice President Eden Shashoua introduce Nearpeer to their new student community at California State University, Northridge.

Hear Jalen Smith, SGA President at Valdosta State University, discuss Nearpeer and the future of student engagement.

Valdosta State University (Georgia) builds community among its students with Nearpeer.

Learn what students across a diverse set colleges and universities have to say about Nearpeer

Hear directly from college students

From traditional students

“As an incoming student, I was a little nervous. With Nearpeer, it was easy. I was able to connect to some of my teachers. One of the coolest features is you can connect with people who have the same interests. I’m interested in music, and Nearpeer connected me with new friends interested in choir and songwriting. Nearpeer is a really good app. It’s very helpful.” – Howard

to non-traditional students

“I’m a non-traditional student and a mom, and I can find people in Nearpeer who have similar stories as mine. I’ve made friends through Nearpeer in my classes. We initially connected to go over assignments.” – Crystal

and introverted students

“I want to meet more and different people and I wasn’t having a way to connect with people in Instagram or find other people going to my college. This app did that – it did exactly what I wanted it to.” – Connor

and transfer students

“Nearpeer is an excellent way to communicate with like-minded students. It’s the perfect way to start your path to where you’re gonna go.” – Shabrina

and international students

“It was a change of country for me so I was a bit concerned. The app basically helps you to get out of that awkward phase which everyone has their first days of college.” – Sahaj

Student leaders are improving sense of belonging, inclusion, and equity with higher ed’s most inclusive space for peer engagement and connection.

Our peer-to-peer engagement platform ensures students “find their people,” and feel like they belong, improving equity, inclusion, enrollment, and the student experience – while reducing student loneliness.

“So many students have shared just how impactful Nearpeer has been to make connecting with people a little easier.

I really appreciate the service so much.”

– D’Aungillique Jackson, President, Associated Students, Fresno State

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