Controlled-Trial Case Study: How Belonging Improved Enrollment and Retention at One of America’s Most Diverse Universities

California State University – Northridge (CSUN) is consistently ranked as one of the most diverse campuses in America, and their university leaders strive to find innovative ways to make college more accessible and achievable for all students. CSUN’s recent partnership with Nearpeer, the leading tech solution helping colleges improve belonging, is their latest initiative to make the incoming-student experience more simple, informative, comfortable, and satisfying.

Over the last year, CSUN and Nearpeer have conducted a long-term and large-scale randomized controlled trial that follows more than 10,000 students from the moment they accept their admission to the start of classes and beyond to their second semester, tracking melt rates, start rates, and persistence rates along the way. During this workshop, CSUN and Nearpeer representatives will share their findings, and attendees will learn fascinating insights on how improving belonging helps first-generation, BIPOC, and lower-income students have a successful transition to college.

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